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C02: Inflow and interaction of cofluent starting jets into a plenum with minimal losses

Principal investigator:
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jörn Sesterhenn ()

Scientist: Elias Büchner, M.Sc. ()
phone      (030) 314 27345


At the exit of the detonation pipe into the plenum we expect substantial losses such that efficiency of the overall engine substantially deteriorates, if the exit is not designed diligently. Additionally closed by pipes will interfere and lead to problems for the refilling as well as to instabilities in the plenum. In this project we want to understand and quantify the losses due to shocks. By data assimilation and Schlierentechniques using a high-speed camera we further want to develop to measure these losses in situ. The mutual interaction of the jets and with the plenum walls will be investigated numerically.


Lemke, M.; Cai, L.; Reiss, J.; Pitsch, H. & Sesterhenn, J. Adjoint-based sensitivity analysis of quantities of interest of complex combustion models Combustion Theory and Modelling, Taylor & Francis, 2018

Reiss, J.; Lemke, M. & Sesterhenn, J. Mode-based derivation of adjoint equations - a lazy man's approach 2018, on arXiv.org

Lemke, M.; Reiß, J. & Sesterhenn, J. Adjungierten-basierte Datenassimilation zur Analyse instationärer, kompressibler und reaktiver Strömungen NAFEMS Online Magazin-Zeitschrift für numerische Simulationsmethoden und angrenzende Gebiete, 2017, 44, 62-70


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