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Phan, D. T., Liebich, R., Werder, T. and Meyer, R. (2016). Active flow control by adaptive blades using piezoelectric actuators – a concept study [20]. International Journal of Flow Control

Phan, T. D., Springer, P. and Liebich, R. (2017). Numerical Investigation of an Elastomer-Piezo-Adaptive Blade for Active Flow Control of a Nonsteady Flow Field Using Fluid–Structure Interaction Simulations [21]. Journal of Turbomachinery, 091004.


Oddos, R., Lhuillier, C., Zander, L., Habisreuther, P., Zarzalis, N. and Djordjevic, N. (2017). Experimental and Numerical Study on Diluted Laminar Hydrogen-Enriched Premixed Methane/Air Flames [22]. European Combustion Meeting


Neumann, N. and Peitsch, D. (2019). Introduction and Validation of a Mean Line Solver for Present and Fu-ture Turbomachines [23]. Proceedings of ISABE Canberra 2019, Canberra, Australia, 22-26 September.ISABE-2019-24441,

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Neumann, N. and Peitsch, D. (2019). Introduction and Validation of a Mean Line Solver for Present and Future Turbomachines [25]. 24th ISABE Conference, International Symposium on Air Breathing Engines, Canberra, Australia, Sep 23-27 2019, ISABE-2019-24441

Neumann, N., Rähse, T., Stathopoulos, P. and Peitsch, D. (2019). Holistic Performance Evaluation of Gas Tur-bines featuring Pressure Gain Combustion [26]. Proceedings of DLRK 2019, Darmstadt, Germany, Nr.submitted. Deutsche Gesellschaft für Luft- Raumfahrt

Neumann, P., Motta, V. and Malzacher, L. (2018). Reduced order modeling for plasma aeroelastic control of airfoils in cascade: dynamic mode decomposition [27]. IUTAM Symposium on Critical flow dynamics involving moving/deformable structures with design applications, At Santorini, Greece

Neumann, N. and Peitsch, D. (2019). A Comparison of Steady-state Models for Pressure Gain Combustion inGas Turbine Performance Simulation [28]. Proceedings of GPPS Beijing 2019, Beijjing, China, 16-18September, Nr. GPPS-BJ-2019-0198. Global Power and Propulsion Society

Neuhäuser, K. and King, R. (2019). Robust Active Flow Control of a Stator Cascade with Integer Control Functions and Sum-Up Rounding [29]. Proceedings of ASME Turbo Expo 2019

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